Delizia Estense
Ferrara ... music
and sport

Ferrara hosts lots of sporting and musical events. These events such as the Mille Miglia, Vigarano marathon, Half Marathon, bikers meetings and others take place throughout the year. A host of events are organised throughout the region for cyclists, and within Ferrara itself on its vast network of cycle paths.

Ferrara also hosts an array of outdoor summer concertsorganised by "Ferrara sotto le Stelle" and the famous street musicians "Buskers Festival". It also celebrates the Spring Festival, with the famous all night street fair and the Balloons Festival which fills the sky with huge, colourful hot air balloons.

The "Delizia Estense" is the perfect place to stay to experience all these and other important events.


Our residence also supplies a Breakfast service, on request, giving you the chance to taste some of our regional pastry delicacies.

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  Pets allowed  
  Baby sitter service
  Preparation of lunches and snacks
Furthermore, the residence is family run and offers the warm welcome and efficiency of who has been working in the tourist sector for many years.
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Ferrara ... music and sport
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