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Schifanoia Palace

After a visit to the Palazzo dei Diamanti another important sight to see during a weekend in Ferrara is the Palazzo Schifanoia.

The Schifanoia Palace was commissioned by Alberto d’Este (1347-1393) as a “ delizia”, a palace destined for many functions, mainly political and diplomatic. The palace underwent a radical change under the Duke Borso (1450-1471) who had the roof raised, under the guidance of the architect Pietro Benvenuto degli Ordini, in order to house the dukes apartments together with a grand hall that was to become the Sala dei Mesi, in keeping with the frescoes that decorate its walls.

The Hall of Months in the Schifanoia Palace in Ferrara was decorated by some of the most celebrated painters of the Ferrarese school of that time (1479). Thanks to the quality of the frescoes and to the artistic references to the Napoleonic


culture of that time it is one of the most important examples of profane Renaissance art in Italian court during the XV century.

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