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The Diamanti Palace

The Renaissance city Ferrara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in the centre of the breathtaking Po Valley between Emilia and Veneto.

Ferrara is a maze of architectural treasures and enchanting medieval alley ways. There are lots of monuments to visit, such as the majestic Estense Castle with its famous moat (one of the few in Europe), the splendid Cathedral, the breathtaking Piazza Ariostea, home to the ancient Palio horse race, the Palazzo dei Diamanti that hosts important exhibitions and the Municipal Theatre that has a rich timetable of plays and concerts.

The Diamanti Palace, so named,thanks to the unusual shape of the 8,500 blocks of marble that make up its outer structure, it is one of the most celebrated renaissance buildings in the world.



The Diamanti palace or Palazzo dei Diamanti was built by Biagio Rossetti, commissioned by Sigismondo d’Este, brother of the Duke ercole I d’ este, in 1942.

Today the Palace houses the National Gallery, with paintings from the Ferrara school, and on the ground floor the Civic Gallery that hosts national and international art exhibitions. For all these reasons the Diamanti Palace is one of the most important places to visit during a weekend in Ferrara.

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