Delizia Estense
Ferrara – A City of Art
and Culture

The historical centre of the town remains today the main hub of life and events in Ferrara.

The centre of Ferrara offers no end of possibilities. Visitors can meet for an evening pre-dinner drink at the foot of the beautiful Estense Castle, wander through the picturesque streets shopping or simply enjoying the fresh air, on foot or by bicycle and children can play with the pigeons in the large Piazza in front of the Cathedral.

The Castello Estense is very near to number of important Ferrarese monuments such as the Cathedral with its Gothic and Roman facia, the 18th Century Municipal Theatre and the architecturally unique Palazzo dei Diamanti.

Visitors must take to time to visit, on foot or by bicycle, the maze of sleepy medieval streets and romantic alleyways that run through Ferrara.


The ancient walls and the parks that surround Ferrara are a must for every visitor. Here it is possible to do jogging, take the dog for a walk, or simply sit with a good book under the shady trees and admire the beauty of the ancient surroundings.

The Delizia Estense is family run and we look forward to providing you with suggestions and advice for your stay in the beautiful town of Ferrara.

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Ferrara – A City of Art and Culture
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